A Sunrise Worth Zika

Yap offers itself, that is, to the respectfully curious and sage, yet blue-eyed, person. It is not a place for those who wish to be entertained, oh no. Here, we are afforded the opportunity to invent excursions and learn if we make it happen. On our friend’s (Sir Nicholas) last day in Yap, we hiked to the top of the tallest hill in Colonia. On top of this great mountain of a hill, we are four friends brought together by this magnificent ‘Yap’.



As we peer out from this cozy spot together, behind us we know there are World War II historic sites, admire to the north Tamil Harbor, Tamil-Gagil Island, and Rumung Island, and Nimgil to the south. According to one of the genesis legends, a great flood relocated part of Gagil-Tamil Island to the south of Yap, known as “Nimgil.” The great flood occurred after the mother of Le’ebirang was killed. It is said that Le’ebirang’s mother created the islands of Rumung and Maap using her arm to make the separation of the large landmasses from Yap Island. Today, there are three distinct islands and one man-made island (Tamil-Gagil) that make up ‘Yap Proper.” Yap Proper is part of Yap State as are the southern islands of Ngulu and the eastern Neighboring Islands.


This place offers the best sunrises, steep hills for running, serenity, and humility–and ‘plenty’ mosquitoes–for which Devin exclaims “this is a sunrise worth Zika!”


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