Gacham & Bugol

My friend Michelle and I planned a photography adventure, which means we went to practice shooting. We decided on Bugol village and Gacham village and to bring Amme. We brought my fuzzy little grey kitty, Amethyst, to join the great fun! To be sure Amme would be comfortable, I brought my backpack to carry her in case she became too hot or tired.


Gacham is a never inhabited part of Yap Proper. It’s one of the water sources on the island.


We located a water source and played in the water as well as attempted making clay pots while Amme laid in the shade of the hills. She just rested there until it was time to hike more. Sturdy little grey thing she is!


After locating one of the water sources, we hiked around a bit more and discovered these neat venus fly trap type plants! We saw some rock graffiti, usually names.


After hiking a few hours and coming to the end of the water flow, we saw there was plenty to discover and decided to make a return trip! Gacham or bust! Also, Amme was thoroughly exhausted and would later go to bed early!

Thanks to the photography skills of Michelle, there’s evidence of Amethyst going hiking in Gacham! (Photos below are by CLM Photography)


At the very end of the hike, Amme was anxious to get to the top of the hill. Using her innate sense of direction back to the car, she stopped at one of the cliffs to rest in the shade.



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