The Livescribe Pen: Best. Field equipment. Ever.

Livescribe and I have been together since 2012. These handy little pens merge the tradition of writing with its contemporary, the iPhone.

The first project these devices facilitated was in 2012 at Moffitt Cancer Center, “Targeting Patient Satisfaction and Improving Patient Perceived Outcomes in Malignant Hematology through Anthropological Analysis.”

Currently, they’re used in collecting oral histories in Yap State. The updates to the Livescribe 3 are tremendous! As I write in the notebook with its fancy dot paper, the notes show up in the Livescribe app on my iPhone. From the app I can touch the writing and the recording begins from that point. Alternatively, I can tap the writing and turn it into text. I would not recommend Evernote except for the sharing aspect but this is partially impeded upon by a slow internet connection. Also, everything I need to do is in the app.


And always bring snacks!


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