O’keefe’s Kanteen & Waterfront Inn

O’keefe’s Kanteen, designed and built by Mr. Don Evans, is located in “downtown” Colonia. It is named after David Dean O’keefe, as is an island in Qatilrow channel where he resided, an Irish man who immigrated to Savannah, Georgia in the 19th century.

img_0814There is the Waterfront Inn across from O’keefe’s Kanteen reflecting a 19th Century Savannah, Georgia, complete with a sitting room and its delicatessen. On Yap Proper, specialty drinks are hard to come by when Yap’s business import all alcohol, except tuba (coconut wine). There is, however, a crafty bar tender who assisted in creating a cocktail, which is now known to us as “Jay’s Thin Mint.” It tastes like a thin mint Girl Scout Cookie!

O’keefe married a lady from Savannah but later left to make a better life for them while she remained in Savannah. This Irish American arrived in Yap in the 1870s and developed the copra trade, and successful with it! While on Yap, he married twice. In 2001, Janet Butler wrote her dissertation on David Dean O’keefe to clear the air about some stories floating around about him. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Dr. Butler, the wife of an O’keefe descendent!

Curiously, Savannah is a place my family vacationed periodically and I went to university in Macon, Georgia and ran in a park named after Oglethorpe. Had I taken more interest in Oglethorpe at the time, I may have learned about Mr. O’keefe and Yap earlier than I did. HA HA

Every Friday, our friend Alvin spins, and sometimes sings, at O’keefe’s Kanteen! It’s a lovely night with local tunes infused into classics and top 40 songs. On the occasional Friday, our friend organizes a night of ‘tuba and tacos’ just before the dancing! Tuba is a coconut wine of sorts. The young tuba tends to be more sweet and less alcohol while older tuba can be the exact opposite. Either way, it is delicious! And the tacos, oh, these are delicious fish tacos! In the picture below to the left of the Rai Stone Cafe is O’keefe’s Kanteen.


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